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My name is Tulika and I have lived across India, Thailand and Britain, and spent time in Canada and Australia. I hold an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art history, religion (theology) and philosophy from King’s College London, prior to which I studied a fair amount of theatre and film. On “Tearing Down the Ivory Tower”, I hope to share my subjectively coloured non-expert views (while trying to be as unbiased as possible) on fairly accessible books that have grown out of serious scholarly research as well as on more journalistic-style books that contain unique and profound insights. I will be addressing a wide variety of themes and topics here except those that directly involve creativity and beauty – for that, I have a separate project called On Art and Aesthetics, a blog on which I curate content (covering literature, painting, architecture, film, sculpture, music and more) sourced from a combination of popular and academic writings, ranging from mere excerpts to mini essays.

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